Shelter – thesis show

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At the end of March and the beginning of April 2015 I was scheduled to have my thesis show alongside Nara Strete, a dear friend and colleague. The date was more or less a choice, as well as the gallery partner. I think we managed to put up a great show. From the feedback we got, we gathered that our work spoke eloquently to the ideas we were trying to express. Win!

The idea was to guide the visitor through a maze of monolith-type structures covered in Nara’s work, towards the hidden safe space in the back of the gallery that provided shelter from the jungle outside. The shelter was my tiny house.

Shelter (10)



Here is what the viewer saw as they entered the space through the monolith gateway.

Shelter (12)


Shelter (13)


Shelter (11)


Shelter (8)


Shelter (4)


Shelter (3)


Shelter (6)

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