Second Year Graduate Show

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This year, the second year graduate show in Zoller Gallery was split in two batches, the first one called “Milkshake”, and the second one appropriately called “Sloppy Seconds”. My work was shown in the second batch along with work by Bech Evans, Brian Gather, David Cuatlacuatl, Evan West, and other very talented artist in our cohort. Here is a sampling of the show in case you missed it.


Alexandra Iosub – paper, colored pencil, woodcut prints, silkscreen prints, acetate, ink wash, gesso.


David Cuatlacuatl – wood, paint, tortilla, construction materials.


Bech Evans – ceramic, cement, polyester board, wood, tables.


Evan West


Brian Gather – Cement, spent firearm rounds, metal supports by Matthew Olson.

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