“Space is in essence that for which room has been made, that which is let into its bounds.”

Heidegger – Building Dwelling Thinking



Inhabited spaces are environments filled with the history of dwelling.

Shoes, shirts, worn and mended sweaters, decorated cubicles, messy bedrooms, books with notes in them, journals, watches with worn-in straps, gardens, cups with permanent coffee lines on the inside, spoons with one dull edge, dished stair treads, a comfortable chair. These are well used objects that wear the shape of history. In our material relationship with space, objects make up the bulk of it, while bearing the evidence of our rituals, and marking our restrictions in our dwelling processes.

The work in this show serves as both object and metaphor, both construction and illustration. Wood, paper, cloth, and pigment form mere objects; the visually coherent image they create can only exist when the viewer completes the relationship.

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