Recently, Emerge Gallery opened a show with several of my new works, and some older ones – for continuity,┬áin Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. I will be holding an artist talk on November 2nd, at 12:00 PM. Come see/listen.

On the wall:

Alexandra Iosub‘s new body of work evolved from her graduate theme of surrogate body as home for the mind. After her 2015 graduation, she embarked on a building project, to make a functional tiny house on wheels from the axles up, a surrogate body for herself as a means to find belonging. She learned welding and carpentry to be true to her hand-made process, as well as other making processes related to wood and fiber, that now deeply influence her new work.


She finds the present collection of “drawings with paint” as one natural step away from her colored pencil drawings on paper, both paper and canvas being 100% cotton. She addresses both materiality and subject matter through self-references, as she creates imagery under the overarching theme of inhabitable spaces, seen through the lens of life-as-creative-process.

With her current definition of home as “space where comfort and security meet”, Alexandra looks for the creative origins of both comfort and security in spaces like a hand-made sweater, a pair of broken in shoes, a rug, the warm hollows of a pancake, etc., with a note that a great many functional objects that make up a home, are – in fact – woven or knit with the basic element of yarn, string, fiber, which she equates to line.

This connection brings her imagery full circle, to the repetitive texture of her drawings, a self-reference to the canvas she uses as image surface, which is itself a reference to the woven fabric that protects and provides comfort in so many shapes and spaces.

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