Making of – 6

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The sixth module of the Making of an Idea series is finished.

I used a very different kind of paper for this one: oil paper, or paper treated especially to withstand oil painting without having to be primed. It’s very thick, toothed, and almost waterproof, which made drawing on it rather a challenge, but one I welcomed. New materials always offer a chance for experimentation and novelty, which is always exciting.

Ink washes were not a feasible option with this type of paper so I used homemade concoctions the consistency of cream to get a colored background I could work with, a mix of paints that was thick enough to minimally warp the paper, fill in some of the tooth but still retain a dry brush characteristic.

There is one technique I used in this drawing that I had never used before, and that is silverpoint. It required several coats of primer to fill in the tooth and offer a firm surface, and half a silver ring to create the delicate grey line work seen on the left side of the piece.


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