Candidacy Review

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Today I had the much awaited candidacy review, an important critique with a group of faculty from different departments in the School of Visual Arts. The candidacy is the test one must pass before one can call herself an MFA candidate. Now and only now am I able to work towards my degree.

The preparation for the setup was peppered with danger: the danger that I wouldn’t find space to put all the work up in the configuration it was meant to be shown! I had to postpone the review one week in order to have the space, which ended up being the main gallery on campus. Once the venue had been established, it only took about four hours to pin up all the work. I made sure to do that a day in advance so I wouldn’t have to run around like a headless chicken looking for supplies nobody had (like magnets, for example).

Just a few minutes before the meeting began I shot this video. Toward the end my committee chair walked in so I got flustered but she let me finish. She is good people.


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