Busy July

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July was a packed month, though with very little progress on my tiny house. Since I was waiting for metal to arrive to town (and also insulation) I had to keep my hands busy otherwise I would have gone bonkers. So what to do? New town, no friends, why not join the local community shop and learn a thing or two about wood work? After all, I was learning about metal putting together my trailer, so…


Countertop in progress. The wood is cedar and fir with accents of walnut and redwood. All rescued from the fire or the dump.


Countertop for my tiny house. The edge is unevenly rounded so when touched it begs to be touched more. Finished with mineral oil.


Walnut, cherry, elm, and maple cutting board. All leftover wood scraps.

The local community shop is called MakerPoint Studios. They are located in the same industrial lot as my building site (score!) and are loaded with cool tools – including a laser cutter and now silk screening. Since I’m poor and can’t afford the wood to play with, I dug out some leftovers from my time in State College and regularly raided the scraps bin. I started with a box. I mean, my house will be a box, so it made sense to practice on a smaller scale.


The Moon-chest: first box, finished after the Full-Moon bike ride that happens here every full moon Friday during the summer. Last bike ride had around 300 participants. It’s a traffic-stopper.

I went to the shop every single day in July. Happily, this place is full of interesting people, most of whom are creative in one way or another. The two guys who set the place up are the best kind of people! Kind, and generous, and helpful to a fault, and they would deny it vigorously. One is a wood worker, the other is a mean coder, who built his own off the grid log home. The other members are either artists or simply makers of some kind or another. Among the ones who stand out, there is one woman who works with leather, a man who makes Japanese knives, another who makes furniture out of wine barrels, another who builds wooden boats, a professional welder who could make almost anything under the sun, all very skilled makers. Now you understand how awesome it is to work alongside these people every day? Let’s just say that it was difficult to go home at the end of the day.

With all this work going on, I had plenty of things to show off at the Arts and Crafts Fair that happened here in Sandpoint (at City Beach, no less) in early August. I might have been a little more excited about my wood work than your average person (since I didn’t sell much) but it was a great experience, and also my first fair ever!! I met cool people, made some trades, sold a few lithographs, and then went to cool off in the lake! Life is good.


More boxes and cutting boards. A full portfolio of prints for people to dig through. Miss my girls Arianna and Greta (pictured above).


Finished table top with grad school ceramics. The ones in the back were not for sale, #BechEvans

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