2023 – another year

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The year started cold. The lake froze in amazing shapes after a couple days of chill wind.

The spring semester allowed for little studio time, but I was very proud of my students. The ones that stuck around, despite their disinterest came to create really complex and accomplished works.


In April I was invited to show with some highly regarded artists from around the country and Canada in a regional faculty show.


Right after the semester ended, I traveled to Europe on a dream trip. I have been studying Swedish for fun for a while now and I finally got to see the place. In the process, I experienced several springs, one in the Pacific Northwest, one in Romania, and one in Sweden. Not to mention the midnight light.


Then came fire season. It was a hot and dry summer. Life in the tiny house was interrupted by home improvement projects, farm-sitting, and visits with friends. In the meantime, a composition made its way into the world.


Inspired by meditations, Swedish landscapes, and explorations in deity representation.

Mid-August found me in tears. A wild-fire started a few miles away from the house and spread fast in the dry brush with a brisk wind. The Oregon Rd fire turned woods and houses into ash and twisted metal on its way towards my house. I quickly set to move the house back to Sandpoint but on the road there, it crashed and was destroyed beyond repair.



Since the accident I’ve been getting help from friends, but without a house, Sandpoint no longer seems a sustainable place to live, and there’s little in the way of clues as to which way to go next. But somehow life kept going, despite the grinding grief. Harvest time came with bushels of plums, pears and tomatoes from alleyways and friends’ gardens, and I sat down to finally write my first book. I published it at the end of September.


By stroke of luck and/or the hidden machinations of friends, I was invited to have a solo show in December at Terrain Gallery in Spokane, WA. Everything I had was in the house when it flipped so I could only show the artwork that survived the accident, and it wasn’t enough, so I sat down to weave.



It was a beautiful show.



Featuring some new drawings as well.


You you feel so moved to help, please buy my book!


Thank you.

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