Image: Oil on canvas, and woodcut on paper stitched with handspun wool thread. Selfportrait, 2016.

I am a maker stubbornly intent on living the artist life, whatever that is – I am discovering its beauty and challenges every day. I live a life of my own making among objects of my own making; it’s certainly not glamorous, but it’s awfully freeing.

I am a fine arts graduate from SUNY-Stony Brook and Penn State, where I primarily studied printmaking, alongside an interest in ceramics. My past work consists of mixed media drawings of a figurative nature. The predominant subject matter is inspired by a deeply entrenched uprootedness inherited from an overwhelmingly dysfunctional family. Recently, my work has been shifting away from the figurative, taking a more organized approach under the overarching theme of Inhabitable Spaces (which include the body).

I am currently working with fiber processes – hand spun wool, weaving, knitting – as conceptual cornerstones to the building process that defines every single human-made object, from the very small, to the very large. I am interested in the phenomenology of home-making as it concerns home-less people – aka immigrants and refugees. My current body of work is based on object making and narrative illustration of human nesting (drawn from my own research, learning how to live in a home-made tiny house, as an immigrant).


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